Klobbars Gästhus och stugor


Gift cards to your love ones!

Gift card that can be used to book accommodation at Klobbar’s guesthouses and cottages

Order a gift card for a cabin at Klobbar’s guesthouse and cabins.
You can choose an amount between 50 – 1,000 euros and the recipient of the gift card can choose when it is used.

You can choose to send the gift card digitally via e-mail, or as a physical card by post (printing and postage costs of 5 euros will then be added).

You have the option of attaching a private message to the gift card.
On the gift card will be your name, the amount you have chosen, your greeting and and unique gift code.

The code found on the gift card is used at the time of booking and can be reused until the sum has been used in full.

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